A Picture of the Sunrise Over my Walking Path


My Short Morning Walk

Since my last blog post about focusing on small changes to form new habits, I’ve walked every morning one short, small path: to the edge of my front lawn and back. Literally, I grab my mug of coffee, pull on warm boots and a coat and walk out into the sunrise! When I get to the edge of my lawn, I turn around. This morning, the grass was frozen and crunchy. The sunrise was gorgeous, and the steam from my hot coffee was rising in a playful way into the light.

Just One!

Since my focus in building new habits has shifted to starting small, my mental motto has been “just one” and “no excuses.” At night right before I get into bed I tell myself, just do one toe-touch, just do one push up, and just do one plank pose — that’s it, just one! I usually do more than one, but I count these quick exercises complete even if I only do one.