A Consistent Sleep Schedule

The past few days since we┬áresolved to start walking in the mornings we’ve failed to get past the biggest hurdle: setting a consistent wake up time. Actually, setting the time is not the problem, waking up at that time is the problem. Last night we made a concerted effort to be in bed by our set time (9:45pm). This morning I led the charge in waking up at our set time (6am) by installing an alarm clock app on my phone that makes you solve math problems in order to get up. As soon as the alarm went off this morning, Alex grabbed my phone and solved the problems, and we both woke up!

Sadly, our walk lasted only 6 minutes since we were not prepared for how cold┬áit would be outside (The sunrise won’t happen for another hour). I’m still counting this morning as a victory, though, because we are learning to get all our habits in a row: Bedtime, Waking up early, and then exercise. It’s a work in progress, but we are getting somewhere!



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