Walking: the habit that will remedy your unused gym membership.

Today I decided to start a new habit: walking. I think and I talk a lot about things that I would like to do and habits that I would like to form. I have to do lists scattered across our apartment: they are on our refrigerator, on scrap paper, on new, cool note pads from the art supply store, in journals, and on free list making web applications. I enjoy list making and find it satisfying to check things off. I’m guilty of completing tasks and then adding them to my lists just so that I can check them off.

Much to my shame, one item that is always on my lists and very little fulfilled is exercising. I like reading about exercising and living a healthy lifestyle but I find it very difficult to actually apply what I read.

I talk a lot about wanting to exercise more. I start, and then I stop. I bought a gym membership this summer very close to my job, but then I changed careers and now the gym is far away and inconvenient. Start. Stop. I have also started a handful of home exercise video programs multiple times.¬†Start. Stop. Before our wedding we bought kettle bells, hand weights, and stretch bands, but we’ve only used them a few times since then. Again. Start. Stop.

This month this blog is dedicated to the exercise start-stoppers. This month this blog is dedicated to people with gym memberships they don’t use, or people who find that a gym membership is out of their budget. This month my new habits are walking and cross training with free forms of exercise like push ups and planks.


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