4 miles in the drizzling rain

Today we walked 4 miles in light rain. The weather wasn’t glorious and it was cold — but there were birds singing and flying around. We spotted a blue jay and a wood pecker. There was a swarm of crows flying over some trees on our way through and they were still swarming and flying over the same trees on the way back. There were colorful leaves on trees and leaves on the ground. The only daunting thing about starting a walking routine today was that it was raining lightly when we started. We also had some trouble finding the proper exercise clothing for our walk since we haven’t been exercising as often as we should. We didn’t let this stop us, and I think that the rain added to the extra fresh quality of the air. Our goal was 6 miles for our first day and we walked 4. Saturday is to be our “long walk” day, so our walks during the week will be less ambitious.

To our surprise and dismay we were both a little bit tired or sore in some way or another after the walk, which I suppose is normal, but was still a bit shocking because after all it was just a walk and we are still both in our twenties.

Overall, our four mile walk was a really fun and refreshing experience exploring our area. It felt special being the only ones outside on a somewhat rainy and somewhat sunny Saturday morning. The solitary aspect, the fact that there was no one else outside, just cars occasionally driving by made me feel like we had found a secret to happiness and togetherness in a busy, rushing, indoor, modern world.


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